Balmoral Beach Club Report Card No.111


The Beach Club ws greatly saddended by the passing on 26 September 2011 of Erik Mather, a former Club champion and Club captain, at the early age of 45 from metasteases of a melanoma. His wake was held at the Club and probably the Club has never been so crowded. Erik as a member of a well known Beach Club family; his grandfather 'Johnnie' Mather, a Club secretary, president and life member, joining in 1922. Erik's Mother, Unni (Kristensen before her marriage to Ken), hails from Stavanger in Norway and Erik was born in Norway, inheriting blond Nordic looks and the great Scandinavian talent for endurance sports. In his later years he concentrated on bike riding and had an enormous reputation amongst the cycling fraternity. Fittingly, a pelaton of is fellow riders accompanied him to his last resting place.

Erik was Club champion 1989-1991, Club captain 1992-1995 and Iron Man champion 1987-8 and 1989-92, a remarkable record. As Club captain he was innovative, humourous and efficient- ever encouraging members to compete. He started the Nippers programme in 1994, now a most successful enterprise. Also he started the Report Card in 1992 and suggested that it be informative and lighthearted, which it attempts to be.

Garduating from University of NSW in Commerce and Law, Erik became a well known figure in the business world developing a company "Regan", encouraging companies to make ethical business decisions in the interest of the their shareholders. His obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald stated that: 'it (Regnan) has clients responsible for 15% of the market capitalisation of companies listed on the ASX.'

To his widow, Linda, also an elite athlete, his children Kai-Christian and Mia, his parents Ken and Unni, his sister Monika and his brother Robert, the Club extends deep condolences.

Erik's death notice in the Sydney Morning Herald concluded: " The climb is over for the King of the Mountain'. The Balmoral Beach Club will long remember him with great affection.


George Franki - Editor of the Balmoral Beach Club Report Card


To George from Ken and Unni and family -  our sincere thanks for your wonderful memorial to Erik. You were a true inspiration to Erik. May your enthusiasm and Erik's memory continue to inspire generations of Balmoral Beach Club members.


Liza Emanuele (Linda's sister) welcomed Sydney and Melbourne Team Erik participants and visitors of the Tour Down Under to pay tribute to Erik and see for themselves why this event remained Erik’s all time favourite cycling race...and just like Erik, the over-achiever, Liza won the” Best Dressed Commercial Property” for the TOUR across all five stages…GO Team Erik  ! 

"Pedal power a tribute to great TDU fan Erik Mather" Adelaide's Advertiser 20/1/12

One of the Tour Down Under's greatest fan, Erik Mather, was paid tribute by members of Team Erik in 'Bupa's 138km Challenge' to support the Cancer Council.  


Tasmanian Memorial – 5 November 2010

A memorial was held for Erik at Tinderbox Tasmania with his parents, siblings and their families. It was a beautiful sunny weekend and a picture of Erik's memorial follows. Erik collected many sea weathered stones from the "gulch" on his parents property - to hold, create and admire the effects of the forces of nature.

Erik had a box of stones he had collected, so heavy that it had to be lifted by Ken and Rob, ready to take home  from his next visit to Tasmania - carry on luggage, single handed of course! The stones now form part of the memorial at Tinderbox. It is peaceful, warm and looks over the Derwent.

Erik remains surrounded by people he loved....

 Unni's Tribute to Erik

Don't think of him as gone away--

his journey's just begun,

life holds so many facets--

this earth is only one.

Just think of him as restingfrom the sorrows and the tears

in a place of warmth and comfort

where there are no days and years.

Think how he must be wishing

that we could know today

how nothing but our sadness

can really pass away.

And think of him as living

in the hearts of those he touched...

for nothing loved

is ever lost--

and he was loved so much. 








For the man who loves a challenge...comes the race of a lifetime...

The shot below is me smashing myself up with the A grade crew at Lansdowne Circuit last July.  behind me is Jack Yuen, the Club philosopher and the only other honest rider in the bunch. I was not the most regular Waratah Master's rider but boy did I get value for my money! The irony is I'd bitten the bullet on prepaying my fees til July this year the week before my first seizure on the bike.  I always enjoy Jack's enormous spirit and am so glad Ernie Smith (the club's Lord Snowden) captured this. (E 12.3.11)  

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